Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Teaser Sets New Record For Most Views In 24 Hours


May 4th is still a full six months away and Avengers: Infinity War is already breaking records.

In fact, at 230 million, Marvel’s long-anticipated teaser now holds the title as the most-viewed trailer of all time within the first 24 hours of release, easily surpassing It, which racked up a staggering 197m across the globe in a single day. Word of mouth and a shrewd marketing campaign helped Andy’s Muschietti horror gem float to new heights, but when it comes to Avengers: Infinity War, the MCU’s impassioned customer base – coupled with the pent-up demand – ensured all eyes were trained on Good Morning America this Wednesday past.

Also of note, social media research firm Fizziology (via THR) crunched the numbers to reveal that Captain America’s beard generated more than 20,000 mentions on Twitter, making it the most-discussed facet of Infinity War‘s teaser on the platform. Other notable moments included Peter Parker’s newly-developed Spidey sense (6,100 mentions), the Guardians of the Galaxy (5,497 mentions), Black Panther’s wonderful “get this man a shield” line (2,180 mentions), and the slow-motion shot outside Wakanda (2,108 mentions).

Fizziology’s report largely revolves around Twitter, but those numbers are still remarkably impressive – as THR notes, most films struggle to hit 20,000 mentions total during their first seven hours. Infinity War, meanwhile, racked up 1,147,438 mentions via Twitter within that crucial time period, which is a notably bigger haul than both Star Wars: The Last Jedi (784,360) and Fifty Shades of Grey (503,392).

Meanwhile, here’s confirmation of that preliminary view count, courtesy of Marvel Studios:

Make no mistake, Avengers: Infinity War is shaping up to be the must-see event movie of 2018, one that’ll likely blow past all other blockbusters on the box office charts. It’s also poised to open a few short weeks before the arrival of Solo: A Star Wars Story (May 25th), so we’re intrigued to see how that one shakes out.