How Thanos’ Invasion Brings Together Earth’s Mightiest Heroes For Avengers: Infinity War


There’s more to Wakanda than meets the eye, and we mean that in every sense of the word.

Not only is the cutting-edge utopia home to Black Panther and his loyal guardians, the Dora Milaje, but it’s also set to become an anchor point for the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward, beginning with the release of Avengers: Infinity War next month.

Thanks to MCU chief Kevin Feige, we know Infinity War‘s third act will largely unfold on the plains of Wakanda, as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes rush to defend Vision from Thanos and his sea of grotesque minions. They’re called Outsiders, according to the film’s merchandise line, and they’re part of the reason why Black Panther and the Avengers join forces in the first place.

As The Walking Dead‘s Danai Gurira (Okoye) tells Entertainment Weekly, Wakanda must be protected at all costs:

The preservation of Wakanda has been at their core, and something their forefathers and foremothers put in place for a long time — and it’s worked! They’re a deeply prosperous people for a reason, and now it’s about opening up the borders, and being generous to others beyond Wakanda.

Adding to this, her Black Panther co-star Chadwick Boseman touched base on what it’s like to bring together such a diverse roster of costumed crusaders, who each hail from a very different Marvel franchise:

Each movie has a different style, you know? So, what is a Captain America movie, versus an Iron Man movie, versus the Black Panther movie, and how do you bring those things together? They’re different voices. So, how do those voices harmonize?

Avengers Infinity War HD 01

Elsewhere in Entertainment Weekly’s coverage, Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., revealed that Tony Stark is galvanized by Wakanda’s sudden change in foreign policy, given T’Challa chose to share his secrets with the world at the tail-end of Black Panther.

Well, a technologically advanced country is probably something that he wishes would benefit humanity without creating more infighting. I think that’s what he would hope for America. That’s what he would hope for the world. I think to him, he would view it as a potentially utopian model.

Last and certainly not least, Tom Holland, star of Spider-Man: Homecoming and its in-development sequel, teased a possible Peter Parker/Shuri team-up, before admitting that Letitia Wright’s whip-smart scientist was his favorite part of Black Panther. You and me both, Tom. You and me both.

I think Peter would love it. There’s some great moments in the comics where Peter ends up there. And Letitia and I have become really good friends over the last year and a bit. It would be brilliant to have our characters meet up, it would be so funny. She’s brilliant in the movie, she’s actually my favorite part of Black Panther.

And it all begins on April 27th. Yes, Avengers: Infinity War is almost upon us, and it’ll reshape the MCU as we know it – you know, after Avengers 4 tends to unfinished business in 2019.

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