Take A Peek At Thanos’ Huge Warship As It Appears In Avengers: Infinity War


From the Supremacy (Star Wars) to the USS Enterprise (Star Trek), Hollywood’s sci-fi genre has no shortage of impressive, impossibly big space vessels, but it’s about to add another to its growing ranks: the Sanctuary II.

Commanded by Thanos and his loyal minions (read: the Black Order), this is more of a super-sized transporter than an actual superweapon – that title belongs to the elusive Infinity Gauntlet which Thanos so craves – and MCU scholars will know that the original Sanctuary featured in both The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

For Avengers: Infinity War, though, Sanctuary II will be the vehicle that ushers Thanos to Earth – and, by effect, onto the main stage – as below you’ll see a close-up of the immense, imposing warship, suspended in the inky blackness of space. Proving that Thor: Ragnarok contained one or two ties to Infinity War, this shot is actually lifted from the mid-credits scene of Taika Waititi’s stellar threequel, in which the Asgardian ship (Statesman) can be seen hurtling toward Earth. But it’s got company…

For a villain who has largely spent the past decade on the fringes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Sanctuary II will no doubt ensure that Thanos is able to make a grand entrance come May. And in the eyes of Joe Russo, one half of the sequel’s directing team alongside his brother Anthony, Infinity War is as much Thanos’ movie as it is Iron Man’s – or Thor’s, or Black Widow’s, or any one of the 76 characters lining the roster.

I’m most excited for the audience to learn about [Thanos]. I think he’s a very interesting and complex villain. That’s why I like him. That’s why I’m excited for the audience to learn about him. I think his motivations, albeit psychotic, are compelling. And I think that in a lot of ways this is his movie, so it’s going to be very interesting to see how people respond to Thanos in the film.

Expect Thanos and his Sanctuary II to cast a shadow over theaters on May 4th, meaning Avengers: Infinity War is now only 102 days away.