Iron Man’s Souped-Up Armor Lights Up Latest Infinity War TV Spot


Even as the days continue to fall off the calendar, and April 27th inches closer and closer, there’s still a palpable sense of nervy excitement swirling around the Marvel community now that Avengers: Infinity War is on the verge of its grand release.

After 10 years and 18 movies’ worth of build-up, directors Joe and Anthony Russo are finally ready to deliver the ultimate pay-off, before the super-secret Avengers 4 tends to unfinished business in May of 2019. It’ll purportedly lay the foundations for a Phase 4 that’s markedly different from everything that’s come before (and that’s really saying something), while we fully expect Thanos to take one or two heroes with him before bowing out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the not-so-distant future.

But on April 27th, destiny arrives, and above you’ll find the latest Infinity War promo, which offers up, among other things, a fresh look at Iron Man’s new suit, which is officially known as the Bleeding Edge armor.

And with only 11 days to go until D-day, it’s no wonder that Joe and Anthony Russo have asked fans to refrain from spoiling Infinity War, as doing so will only ruin the experience for their fellow moviegoers. And that’s not all; in order to mitigate the chances of spoilers slipping out ahead of time, Marvel is only screening 30 minutes of its Herculean event movie, while no one – and we mean no one – from the sequel’s cast list has actually laid eyes on the entire film. Crazy, right?

Expect Iron Man and Co. to take the fight to Thanos (and the Black Order!) once Avengers: Infinity War begins playing on April 27th. At which point, a major MCU character will kick the bucket. Or at least, that’s what the latest rumors are pointing to.

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