Avengers: Infinity War’s Josh Brolin Reveals His Favorite MCU Movies


Josh Brolin starred in one of Marvel’s greatest movies ever this year, but what are the Avengers: Infinity War‘s actor’s favorite MCU films apart from that one? Well, the man who brings the dreaded Thanos to life listed his top three in an interview published in Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years, and many fans might find themselves agreeing with him.

First of all, Brolin believes Marvel started out right with 2008’s Iron Manciting Robert Downey Jr.’s perfect performance as a reason he loves it.

“It worked so well. For me, there’s no better marriage of character and actor than that, and Robert Downey Jr. just got it. It all springboards from there, and now you can’t think of another actor who could have played the role.”

He went on to explain how significant he thinks Iron Man is to the whole franchise, saying: “[It] didn’t just set the bar, it also set the template for everything that’s followed since. So that one has always been a favorite of mine.”

His next pick is 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, with the actor explaining he’s a fan of the drama that comes from the central conflict between Team Iron Man and Team Cap, adding: “there’s a lot of friction.” It’s also the unpredictability of what happens when heroes go against heroes that Brolin found compelling. “What is this guy, Captain America, gonna do?” he commented, saying it “keeps you guessing.”

Finally, Brolin’s third choice is from the lighter side of the MCU: 2017’s Thor: RagnarokThe actor cited the excellent cast as a major reason he’s a fan of Taika Waititi’s cosmic comedy, saying that it comes across how much they’re “really enjoying their roles.”

“I loved it. I love Chris [Hemsworth]. I think he, Cate Blanchett, and, obviously, Mark [Ruffalo], they’re just great in it too.”

“She’s always been a favorite of mine, too,” Brolin went on to say of Blanchett, before summing up his thoughts on the film: “That was a good, really fun movie – it was a great hybrid of humor, action, and really fun acting.”

Brolin definitely has good taste in Marvel pics. He might also being modest with his choices here, as he could have easily chosen Avengers: Age of Ultron or Guardians of the Galaxyboth of which he cameoed in as the Mad Titan.

Speaking of which, you can see Thanos back in action when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes assemble once more to take him down this coming May in Avengers 4.