Avengers: Infinity War’s First Poster Contained Some Hidden Spoilers


Picture the scene: you’re an actor (and a pretty good one at that), who turns up to set bright and early only to realize that all of the lines you’ve memorized – all of the little nuances that make up your character – are fake. As are the scenes written down on your dummy script that’s about to be shredded in the name of secrecy.

Such is the day-to-day life of a cast member working on Avengers: Infinity War, as Marvel pulled out all the stops to ensure that absolutely nothing leaked out ahead of time. They did a fairly good job, too, as fans went into the film really not knowing a whole lot about it. Sure, deaths like Loki and Heimdall might’ve been easy to predict, but I’m sure most people were caught off guard by Gamora, not to mention some of the other shocking events that happened.

As it turns out, though, Marvel may have hidden some spoilers on the very first poster for Infinity War, which dropped back at San Diego Comic-Con. You wouldn’t have realized it at the time, of course, but check out the photo in the gallery below and you’ll notice that things like Thor getting his eye back, Thanos acquiring all the Infinity Stones, characters disintegrating and more were revealed nearly a year before the film hit theaters.

In all fairness, some of these are a stretch, while others probably weren’t intentional, but it’s still interesting to look back both at this poster and others now that we’ve seen the movie and had time to digest it. And even despite a few things slipping through here, the studio certainly played it smart throughout the marketing campaign, driving hype up to a maximum without showing us too much.

The end result? A film that’s now closing in on $2 billion at the worldwide box office. Yes, after this weekend, Avengers: Infinity War now sits at $1.6 billion, thanks to a huge boost from China. Whether it’ll actually hit that aforementioned milestone remains to be seen, but at this point, no one can deny that the event movie has been a colossal success, both financially and critically.

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