Three New Avengers Movies Rumored To Be In Development


Avengers: Endgame wrapped up Thanos’ storyline and the threat he posed to the MCU, but it also concluded another major connective tissue of the franchise that’s also been around since 2012’s The Avengers – the titular team themselves.

Yes, as you’ve surely heard by now, the Avengers initiative started by Nick Fury has fulfilled its purpose and we’ve been told not to expect to see the group assemble again in the franchise going forward. Apparently, this will be made clear in Spider-Man: Far From Home, which will explain that the heroes are now “in their own corners of the universe.”

Of course, this makes perfect sense considering that only 3 of the original 6 Avengers are still around. And out of those 3, there’s really only 1 who’s expected to keep on fighting. After all, with Hulk’s arm permanently damaged now and Hawkeye set to pass on his mantle to Kate Bishop, that only leaves the God of Thunder still standing to continue his own franchise.

So, without those core heroes in operation, the Avengers team is effectively no more. But that doesn’t mean a new group won’t arise to follow their legacy. In fact, it seems like Marvel has every intention of continuing on with the Avengers brand, but in a very different shape and form from what we’ve so far seen.

According to industry tipster Roger Wardell, who’s got an excellent track record for MCU scoops, Marvel Studios is planning a Dark Avengers, New Avengers and Young Avengers film. That means there’ll be at least three more Avengers movies coming down the pipeline at some point in the future – likely in Phase 5 or 6.

Obviously, none of this has been confirmed by any official source, but again, Wardell’s been right about almost everything he’s shared in the past and besides, this is far from the first time we’re hearing rumors of a Dark Avengers, New Avengers and Young Avengers movie. All three teams have been linked to the MCU in the past and at this point, it seems pretty likely we’ll be seeing them form on the big screen.

Unfortunately, Wardell didn’t share more than that, but it’s certainly enough to get us excited and though we likely won’t learn anything concrete about the studio’s future plans for some time yet, fans can at least rest easy knowing that Marvel isn’t done with making Avengers films – even if they won’t feature any of the original six heroes going forward.