Universes Collide In This Epic Avengers V. Justice League Fan Film


With the news that Disney’s thinking of buying 20th Century Fox, the X-Men universe crossing over with the Marvel Cinematic Universe might actually be a possibility at some point in the future. But, while that’s amazing enough in and of itself, what about that other superhero crossover that fans would love to see happen? We’re talking, of course, about an almighty alliance between Marvel’s Avengers and DC’s Justice League.

Unfortunately, that’s probably never going to materialize anywhere except in fan films, so thankfully, we’ve got YouTubers like Alex Luthor, who’s now posted an epic supercut which splices together clips from various Marvel and DC productions to imagine what would happen if the two comic book behemoths ever met. This isn’t just a trailer-length piece, either, but rather a whole 12-minute long fan film, and it’s definitely worth a watch

Also, since the melding of the MCU and the DCEU was apparently not awesome enough, the film brings a whole host of other TV shows and movies into the fold as well. Noticeably, it’s the Arrowverse’s Barry Allen who’s the one to break through to the Marvel universe, with Grant Gustin taking the place of Ezra Miller’s Flash. Meanwhile, DCEU misfires like Jesse Eisenberg and Jared Leto’s Lex Luthor and Joker, respectively, are replaced by more fan favourite counterparts: namely, Smallville‘s Michael Rosenbaum and The Dark Knight‘s Heath Ledger. Naturally, the aforementioned X-Men universe is involved in some capacity as well, with a final stinger hilariously featuring Deadpool becoming a Green Lantern.

All things considered, it’s an incredibly impressive piece of work from the creator, with some seriously good editing skills on display. A Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover like this one is something that would reduce all superhero fans to quivering wrecks, so it’s a crying shame that legal red tape would obviously stop it from ever happening on theater screens.

Then again, we shouldn’t complain too much, as Marvel and DC are both in rude health on their own terms, with lots to look forward to from each. For the latter, you can catch Justice League in cinemas on November 17th, while the former has, among other films, Avengers: Infinity War looming on the horizon. May 4th, 2018 is the date for that one.