Avengers Vs. X-Men Fan-Made Poster Teases The Movie We All Want To See


For the past few weeks, the talk of the town has been that of Disney acquiring Fox in a landmark deal and, this morning, it finally happened. And while pundits are busy speculating what this may mean for the future of both film and television, the geek community knows what the most important outcome is: The X-Men can finally be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Now, seeing mutants intermingle with Avengers is something we’ve taken for granted in comics and animation because it happens all the time. Given that, the fact that it’s yet to happen in live action cinema is what fans have found to be maddening. But now, it seems like the future is home to limitless possibilities.

As per usual, fan artist extraordinaire Boss Logic is here to give us an idea of what tomorrow may look like. And while it may not be the most vibrant of his work, it wouldn’t surprise us in the slightest if the eventual poster for Avengers vs. X-Men – a movie that’ll no doubt become a reality – ends up looking strikingly like this.

On it, we see a projected release date of 2020, which none of us can really rule out, but this analytical writer believes that we should throw at least a two-year curve on the movie event of the century. Furthermore, my best educated guess says that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will occupy Marvel Studios’ coveted May tentpole slot that year, with their own version of X-Men – perhaps to be titled Uncanny X-Men – following months later.

To elaborate, I wouldn’t be shocked if Kevin Feige and company rebooted the X-Men (barring Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool), just as they did with Spider-Man. Not only would it allow them to easily introduce these characters into the MCU at large, but it’d solve the Wolverine problem. In other words, recasting won’t be confusing because this is a different universe from the one occupied by the Logan played by Hugh Jackman.

Either way, Avengers vs. X-Men is the endgame the Mouse House should be seeking because the sky is the limit on its box office take. Now if we could just make JLA/Avengers a reality…