Avoid An Awkward Holiday With The Boys From That Awkward Moment


It’s not too often that we find ourselves with a really great R-rated comedy, which is why I have high hopes for That Awkward Moment. Hitting theatres on January 31st, the film features three of Hollywood’s hottest young actors: Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, as they attempt to navigate the daunting NYC social scene, which of course leads to a lot of embarrassment and a lot of laughs.

Today, a new promotional video for the film was released that provides viewers with instructions on how not to run into any awkward moments this Holiday season. It’s a humours and slightly racy piece of marketing material that is worth a watch for those anticipating the movie, like myself.

Though January is usually the month where studios dump their garbage, I think that this film has potential. Teller and Jordan are hotter than ever at the moment, with their fame rapidly increasing due to stunning performances in The Spectacular Now and Fruitvale Station, respectively. Plus, both actors are being rumored for pretty high-profile projects right now and their names keep showing up in relation to some of Hollywood’s most sought after roles.

Efron is also doing quite well for himself these days. Desperately trying to shed his Troy Bolton image, he’s done an admirable job thus far. He recently had a sizeable role in Parkland, which I thought he did quite well in, and between this film and the upcoming Neighbors he’s certainly filling the quota for raunchy comedies.

Combine the three of them together and you have a recipe for an entertaining R-rated comedy which will likely do well thanks to what looks like some excellent chemistry from its stars.

Check out the new promotional video for That Awkward Moment below and then head down to the comments and let us know if you’re looking forward to seeing the upcoming R-rated comedy when it touches down in theatres next month.