Avengers: Endgame Art Shows Us Cap Wielding The Gauntlet

chris evans captain america

“And I… am… Captain America.”

That’s not exactly how it goes in Avengers: Endgame, which reached its jaw-dropping conclusion with Tony Stark wielding the Gauntlet in what would be his final act. It’s perhaps the perfect ending to Stark’s story, which began all the way back in 2008.

Fast forward to 2019, and the selfish, self-centered arrogance that powered Tony Stark has all but fallen away, and in its place stands a true hero – one who’s more than willing to lay down on the wire and effectively save the universe. Make no mistake, this was Tony Stark’s moment.

But over on Instagram, some new Endgame artwork has emerged which imagines Captain America wielding that famous armament. He’s even mimicking Stark’s pose: battered, bruised… but defiant, and ready to snap Thanos and his army into oblivion. You could even say he’s ready to do this all day…

Pretty good, eh? If it’s more alternate Avengers artwork you’re after, Ellejart’s Instagram feed is the place to be. The artist even rendered one of Endgame‘s darkest ideas: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes being greeted by Thanos holding up Cap’s severed head, with the Mad Titan perched on a throne of skulls. Like we said, the darkest of ideas…

Back in the realm of reality, though, and Avengers: Endgame is now available on all platforms for those in North America, with the MCU juggernaut expected to make its way across the pond early next month, by which point UK fans will be able to take home Endgame once and for all. PSA: it’s now available digitally in the region, so if you simply can’t wait to relive the Russos’ two-billion-dollar titan, the option is there.