Awesome Fan Art Imagines Kate Beckinsale As Catwoman


As one of the most iconic female characters DC has, Catwoman is a hotly contested role and while we’re not certain when or if we’ll see her in the Worlds of DC franchise, many actresses have still put their name forward for the part or have been suggested by fans. For instance, Eiza Gonzalez, Morena Baccarin and even The Dark Knight Rises’ Anne Hathaway have all been thrown around in relation to the role.

Another long running fan-cast for the character though is British actress Kate Beckinsale. After all, she’s the archetypal catsuit-clad action heroine after playing the lead in the Underworld movies since 2003.  And now, to celebrate the actress’ birthday, fan artist BossLogic has come up with an image showing us what Beckinsale could look like in character as Selina Kyle.

As you can see below, this piece dresses her in the modern Catwoman costume, including a plunging neckline and goggles. A nice touch is that he also depicts her doing what she does best: cat-burgling. In this case, stealing jewels from a heavily guarded exhibit. Also of note is that Selina’s classic whip is on her back.

If nothing else, this fan art makes it clear how perfect Beckinsale would be for the part. At 45, it would also be refreshing to have a middle-aged woman play the role. It would make a lot of sense for her to be the love interest of Ben Affleck’s Batman as well, seeing as they’re the same age. However, word has it that Affleck’s set to be replaced by an actor 15-20 years younger. Still, it could be an interesting twist on the Bat and the Cat dynamic to depict Selina as older and more experienced than Bruce Wayne.

Like we said, though, Warner Bros. don’t seem to be in a rush to bring Catwoman to the screen again. She’d likely have been in David Ayers’ Gotham City Sirens, but news on that front’s gone pretty quiet lately. What’s more, she’s not expected to appear in Birds of Prey, either. 

There’s still lots of time for fans to influence the studio’s opinion, then, so why not leave your own personal pick to play Ms. Kyle in the comments section down below?