Awesome Friday The 13th Poster Contains A Hidden Image


We all remember the scene, right?

In the final moments of Friday the 13th, we see Alice resting in a canoe on the lake, having just survived the entire film. Calming music kicks in, assuring us that everything will now be alright. After all, Mrs. Voorhees was beheaded and there’s no other threats present. Or is there?

Suddenly, a deformed Jason Voorhees appears from nowhere and pulls young Alice under the water, giving us our first glimpse at the horror icon in action. A brilliant jump scare and all around great scene, it’s a moment that’s probably etched into the minds of most fans and now, artist Scott Hopko has decided to pay tribute to it with this awesome new alternate poster for the film. Like Friday the 13th itself, though, it also comes with a little surprise – see if you can spot it on the first image before flipping through to the reveal.

Pretty cool, right? Just as Jason was hiding in the lake during the final moments of the movie, he’s hiding here, too. Although, he’s a bit easier to see this time, as he’s technically out in plain sight and not under the water. Still, it’s a clever fan-made poster that reminds us while the iconic killer may not be starring in any films these days, he certainly hasn’t been forgotten about. Far from it.

That being said, it’s hard not to still feel a bit bummed out over Jason’s cinematic fate lately. As you surely know, Paramount’s long-gestating reboot was formally axed back in February after numerous delays and other production setbacks. Subsequent reports have revealed that the pic itself would have released as Friday the 13th: Camp Blood – The Death of Jason Voorhees!, and in some alternate timeline, we have no doubt that horror fans are currently flocking to see that sequel on the big screen, as it was originally meant to premiere last month.