Awesome Metal Gear Solid Fan Poster Imagines Christian Bale As Liquid Snake

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

As any fan of Hideo Kojima’s seminal tactical stealth series will undoubtedly be aware of, a live-action version of Metal Gear Solid is currently in the works. The ambitious adaptation, which has long been in development, is a passion project of self-proclaimed fan Jordan Vogt-Roberts and one that the Kong: Skull Island director holds so dear that he’s intent on taking as long as is necessary to get everything exactly right.

The slow but steady progress means Solid Snake’s admirers will likely be waiting some time before the renowned soldier makes his way to the big screen, then, and it remains to be seen who will even play the video game icon. As of writing, not even the slightest hint has been offered in regard to casting choices or, for that matter, if any actors have even been attached to the movie. In fact, concept art for Snake’s big screen debut is all we’ve so far seen as visual proof of its existence, naturally leading to concerns of potential trouble behind the scenes.

Whatever the case, some talented fans have decided to fill the black hole of information with their own interpretation of what the film could look like, such is the case with artist Spdrmnkyxxiii’s latest creation, which you can check out below.

If Liquid Snake’s complexion looks immediately familiar to you, it’s because Spdrmnkyxxiii opted to borrow Christian Bale’s likeness for the mock-up’s primary antagonist. As so wonderfully proven during his tenure as the Dark Knight, Bale knows a thing or two about intimidation through facial expression alone, and his piercing glare in this piece certainly gives off a similar vibe.

As for Liquid’s solid counterpart, Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac has been chosen to receive that honor this time around, though we’re not so convinced that pairing fits. But what do you think? Let us know which Hollywood stars you’d personally like to see take on both roles in Roberts’ Metal Gear Solid film in the usual place below!