Awesome New Suicide Squad Promo Art Features The Joker, Harley Quinn, And More


As soon as X-Men: Apocalypse is released this Friday, 2016’s next big comic book movie will be David Ayer’s Suicide Squad in August. It’s been an interesting year for the genre so far, with the R-Rated Deadpool performing better than anyone expected, Captain America: Civil War predictably proving to be a massive hit, and both X-Men and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ending up being extremely divisive, something no one probably would have guessed at this time last year.

Despite Suicide Squad reportedly undergoing major reshoots to nail down the third act, positive reactions from early test screenings have fans feeling good about the villain led release, and it’s now up to Warner Bros. not to disappoint after their DC Films Universe got off to such a rocky start back in March.


We’ve already seen quite a bit of promo material from the film so far, and now a soon to be released calendar has offered up yet another look at characters like The Joker, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc along with several other members of Task Force X, and while the creative liberties taken with a few of the villains have upset some fans, Ayer’s style seems well suited to this particular corner of the DC Films Universe.

Suicide Squad being a hit has the potential to shake up the superhero movie genre in a bigger way than any of the other releases mentioned above, as you have to believe its success will kick open the door to a new wave of villain led adaptations over the next few years. So we’re definitely hoping it all works out when the flick hits theatres in a few months’ time.

Until then, however, sound off below and let us know if you’re excited to see what Ayer has cooked up here.

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