Here’s Why Baby Hitler Was Cut From Deadpool 2


Deadpool 2 is now in cinemas in some parts of the world, so we know that it features arguably even more crazy, edgy jokes than the smash hit 2016 original. One scene that was just too much even for the “anything goes” approach of the Merc with a Mouth, though, was a post-credits sequence featuring the death of baby Hitler.

Clearly, Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson gets his hands on the ability to time travel by the end of the film and in an earlier version of the movie, he would have used this to answer that old philosophical question: would you kill Adolf Hitler as a baby? If you’re Deadpool, the answer is apparently “you betcha!”

As we previously reported, however, this joke didn’t go down well at all in test screenings, as audiences were rightly repulsed by the idea of the hero of the movie they were watching murdering an infant. DP has pretty much made an art-form out of being as crass and as racy as possible, but this would have been one step too far. met with Deadpool 2 screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick at the sequel’s premiere in New York the other night and pressed them for info on their take on the Baby Hitler scene and why it didn’t make it into the finished cut. They reiterated that they probably pushed the boundaries a little too much in that instance, saying:

Wernick: “I think it was cut just because, it was at the very, very end, and it left the audience with this, ‘Oh?’ It’s like, ‘Sure, it’s baby Hitler, but it is a baby. It’s kind of weird to watch that! We are Deadpool but there is a line we can’t cross.”

Reese: “Baby killing might be that line.”

We wonder if that’s being passed around as an internal memo over at Fox: “Note to filmmakers: no baby killing.”

If you want to know what happens in the actual post-credits scene of Deadpool 2, you can find that out here. To experience them the old fashioned way, however, be sure to catch the film in US theaters from May 18th.