A Bad Moms Christmas Takes The Franchise Into The Holiday Season


Whichever way you slice it, Bad Moms was a commercial success when it was released in theatres in August 2016. That being the case, it’s unsurprising that those behind it would seek to capitalize on the opportunity and build a franchise – especially when you have the excellent comedic chemistry between lead actresses Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell at the heart of your project. So, we have the prospect of A Bad Moms Christmas, now set for November 3rd, 2017 – with the three leads returning, along with writers-directors, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.

Chairperson of STX Entertainment Motion Picture Group, Adam Fogelson, explained the festive plan.

“This is a brand that has enormous goodwill all over the world, so expanding and extending the Bad Moms franchise in an authentic and irreverent way has been a priority for our team. Jon and Scott have a truly hysterical story that was pure perfection. Mila, Kristen and Kathryn are excited to re-team, and we will move forward with A Bad Moms Christmas on a similar time table and in much the same way in which we produced the original.”

This is not the only movie planned to extend the Bad Moms franchise. There’s also a spinoff project titled Bad Dads scheduled for release in July 2017 – because, heaven forfend we might have a female-centred story without getting that all-important male perspective on the same situation. We don’t yet know who will be involved in that movie as director or stars, however, so it’s difficult to get excited – but the same cannot be said of this true Bad Moms sequel.

With the winning trio of Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell confirmed as returning, and Jon Lucas and Scott Moore also set to write and direct once more, A Bad Moms Christmas looks like it will be the perfect movie to tap into the special kind of chaos that often accompanies dealing with Christmas and a young family simultaneously. Let’s just hope the filmmakers and performers can truly re-capture the spirit of the original that was so well-received by audiences.