Bam Margera Uploads An Uplifting Message From Rehab In Honor Of His 42nd Birthday

Bam Margera

Bam Margera — who was born on Sept. 29 — entered an unknown rehab facility earlier this week after an emergency call was made to the authorities following his reported belligerent demeanor at a Tampa Bay Hotel. According to TMZ, when local police from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the location, they found out a judge had placed a legal order to have the former reality transported to rehab.

The official statement for the police department read, “They received a call that something was going wrong there. When deputies arrived, they were informed that Mr. Margera had an ex parte order, which is a judge’s order for court-ordered rehabilitation. Those are taken out by a third party on behalf of the person.”

Still, it doesn’t seem to have Margera down as he shared an inspiring post on Instagram for his birthday.

Bam Margera’s struggle with addiction ultimately caused him to be fired from the fourth Jackass movie titled Jackass Forever. He later filed a lawsuit against Johnny Knoxville, Spike Ponze, and Paramount after he claimed he was wrongly terminated.