Check Out An HD Bane In The Dark Knight Rises

If a movie’s popularity was measured like companies in the stock market, The Dark Knight Rises would be bought by every film fanatic out there. 2012 has some heavy-hitters coming out but nothing inches close to the developed anticipation for Christopher Nolan‘s final Batman film. Only days after the unbelievable trailer debuted, two photos featured in a recent issue of Empire magazine have found their way online and now they can be viewed in glorious high-def. Just like with all the other The Dark Knight Rises promotional media released so far, the main focus is once again primarily set on Bane.

It really doesn’t get more exciting or as visually appealing as the photo shown below. It’s basically what everyone is expecting from the film-a formidable opponent for the Bat which will result in a clash of epic proportions. Hopefully Nolan will pull the camera back a bit so we can see who ends up winning. In HD this photo truly manages to capture multiple points of interest when examined up close.

The fatigued (and somewhat terrified) expression that Batman exhibits, the menacing dominance displayed by Bane and what appears to be a guard standing idle above the two combatants. Also, where is this location? The Batcave maybe? For those who’ve seen it, the end of The Dark Knight Rises prologue visibly features Bane carrying Batman’s mask while water showers from above. So what do you get when you combine a cascading waterfall and an expected fight between two fierce enemies? The possible end of the Dark Knight.

There is no end to the discussion of potential plot points that these two rather simple photos could include. The one with Harvey Dent alone raises a ton of questions -as well as some answers- on what Bane is trying to accomplish in Gotham City. However, the fact remains that The Dark Knight Rises is easily going to be next year’s most talked about movie; these photos are just a reminder of that.