Barack Obama (Kind Of) Has A Cameo In Deadpool 2


Yes, you read that right. Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States is confirmed to appear in upcoming superhero comedy caper Deadpool 2.

You might be wondering what kind of role the former President might play in the movie: perhaps assisting Wade Wilson with a drone strike upon a target he needs to take out, blinding villains with that famous 100-watt smile or possibly displaying some hitherto unknown secret mutant powers?

Well, in a surprising twist, you can see his appearance in the sequel for yourself right now! Skip to the scene at 1:28 in the trailer above where Wade’s having some laughs in Charles Xavier’s wheelchair and there he is, alongside none other than Abraham Lincoln. Well, a painting of Lincoln anyway. Oh, and I should mention that Barack Obama is also a painting. That’s his cameo. Boo.

While it would have been great to see him flinging laser beams or popping adamantium claws, it seems that the sole impact of Obama’s appearance is to confirm that he does indeed exist in the X-Universe. The two Presidents join JFK, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon in the pantheon of Presidents in at least this timeline. Whether Obama’s existence makes a difference to the events and characters of Deadpool 2 or not is anyone’s guess, but let’s be honest, the plot is hardly likely to revolve around it.

For those wondering, we unfortunately don’t yet have confirmation that Donald Trump exists within this universe, possibly because in a world of teleporting circus mutants, shapeshifting supermodels and immortal Egyptian Gods, some things are just too far-fetched.

Anyways, after some slightly wobbly audience reactions, yesterday’s trailer soothed a lot of worried fans. If definitely eased our fears, and we can’t wait to see what happens when Josh Brolin’s Cable finally encounters Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool on May 18th!