Barry Allen’s Fake Military Profile In Justice League Contains A Huge Error


DCEU founding father Zack Snyder has been on an absolute rampage over the past month or so, posting a multitude of previously unreleased or hidden material to his social media accounts, more specifically Vero, from he and Joss Whedon’s 2017 blockbuster, Justice League.

Undoubtedly, what triggered this avalanche of concealed and cut content can be traced back to DC and Warner Bros.’ unwillingness to comply with the fandom’s request to exonerate Snyder’s cut of the pic. Regrettably, it doesn’t look like it’ll ever make it into our hands, but the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice director did hint a couple of weeks ago that he might one day reveal his original plans for Justice League, and the DCEU as a whole.

In the meantime, as we await that fateful day, Reddit has provided a closer look at Flash/Barry Allen’s (Ezra Miller) counterfeit credentials from Justice League and uncovered a rather humorous error in the process. Created by Cyborg (Ray Fisher) for the Flash to enter a Kryptonian ship, the fake military profile suggests that Barry Allen’s alias, Wesley Rowe, was born on November 6th, 2010.

Assuming that Justice League takes place in the year it came out, this would make Barry Allen/ Wesley Rowe seven-years-old. Furthering the hilarity is the credential’s issue date, March 1st, 2016, which would make Allen/Rowe even younger when the document was first administered.

Slightly adding to Justice League’s infamy, this faulty document only really affects one thing with certainty. That being that the security guard who was working the gate should’ve been terminated for missing a red flag that obvious.