Barry Keoghan Shares Shirtless Selfie To Celebrate Eternals Release & Fans Are In Love

As fans flock to theaters to get their eyes on Eternals, one actor in the film is celebrating its release by unleashing his abs upon the internet.

Barry Keoghan, who plays Druig in the film, has been trading a lot of banter with his co-stars on Twitter today. However, the post that has everyone talking features photos taken by Greg Williams, one of which features him shirtless. Check out the post below:

As Marvel fans are known to do, many flocked online to tell their admiration for the new Marvel star, some a bit more thirsty than others.

Sorry to whoever’s married to this user…

We aren’t so sure he’d let this user do that…

Oh my! 😳😳😳

And there’s already a Druig fancam?!?

But to everyone that wants to have Druig as their new boyfriend, we hate to inform you he seems very difficult to reach by phone…

Which new hero are you most excited to see in Eternals? Is it the man everyone is currently thirsting over? Let us know in the comments!