New Batch Of Skyfall Screens Arrive

With the release of the next James Bond film, Skyfall, just over two months away (in North America at least, the UK gets it in October), the marketing campaign is really starting to pick up. Today, the Bond hype-train continues with a fresh batch of screens, courtesy of Empire magazine.

For the most part, the five photos mainly feature Daniel Craig looking dapper as ever in the iconic role. There’s also an interesting shot of what looks to be some sort of glass prison cell holding Javier Bardem‘s character, though it’s tough to tell exactly what the photo is depicting.

While these stills don’t reveal a whole lot or do much to sway your opinion on the film one way or another, it’s still nice to see more images of Bond in action. After a dismal summer movie season, I need an exciting blockbuster and I think Skyfall is going to deliver.

Everything points to it being the best Bond film yet and with the talent behind this project, I can’t see it being a let down.

Though the summer may have been a disappointing time for blockbuster movie fans, I think that the holiday season will make up for it.

Sure, the summer had The Avengers, Prometheus and maybe one or two other films that had me impressed but for the most part, I really didn’t enjoy too many of the films that hit theatres this summer.

Luckily, we’re not too far away from the holiday season now and we have a lot of really great films to look forward to, one of which is, of course, Skyfall.

Skyfall hits theatres on November 9th in North America and October 26th in the UK. Check out the images below.

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