Batgirl Movie Concept Art Teases Iconic Birds Of Prey Location


This weekend’s DC FanDome treated fans to so much new content in terms of trailers, sneak peeks, news and more, that we’re still processing all of it. Case in point, we got our first glimpse at the upcoming Batgirl movie via an epic piece of concept art that teases Leslie Grace’s Batsuit – and, yes, the DCEU’s Barbara Gordon will have her comic-accurate red hair. What’s more, the film could feature an iconic location from the comic books, too.

The artwork showcases Batgirl overlooking the city of Gotham while perched on a gargoyle. But if you draw your attention away from the heroine, you might notice the importance of the building the gargoyle is attached to. It looks to be the Gotham clock tower that serves as the base of operations for the Birds of Prey, a team Babs helped found in the source material. See it for yourself below:

The Birds already made their DCEU debut in their own movie last year, but that version of the group was very different from the comics due to the absence of Barbara to guide them. Its presence in this concept art is interesting as the clock tower is usually only associated with the character in her Oracle guise, not her Batgirl one, but it looks like the movie could switch this up a bit and have it fill the role of Babs’ Batcave. Alternatively, this could be just a fun Easter egg and the location won’t actually play a major role in the film.

It’s currently unclear how much Batgirl will tie into the wider universe. J.K. Simmons is playing his Commissioner Gordon again from Justice League, so that’s a good sign. Plus, directors Adil el Arbi and Bilall Fallah have teased that “the real” Batman will feature in the movie. Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie also wants the chance to hang out with Grace’s Gordon.

It’s still early days on Batgirl, but when it does eventually arrive it’ll stream exclusively on HBO Max.