‘Batgirl’ set photos reveal Michael Keaton’s Batman had a Robin

michael keaton batman

Dick Grayson didn’t make his live-action movie debut until Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying, with Robin part of the initial drafts for Tim Burton’s first two installments, before ultimately being excised from the script.

Marlon Wayans was famously paid $100,000 and additional royalties on top of that after being signing a deal to play the Boy Wonder in Batman Returns before Schumacher decided to go in a different direction, while Matt Damon reveals he auditioned for the 1989 original while still a teenager.

Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight will be returning to the fray in a big way with HBO Max’s Batgirl and The Flash arriving later this year, and new set photos from the former’s Glasgow-based shoot reveal that the O.G. big screen Caped Crusader did end up taking Robin under his wing, as you can see below.

Naturally, this will invite much speculation that we could be getting either a cameo appearance of some description or an overt acknowledgement of Keaton’s Robin, but seeing as these images are merely murals to be placed in the background, it’s more likely to be an Easter Egg directed towards longtime fans as opposed to anything more substantial.