Batgirl Writer Offers Update On How The Script’s Coming Along


While I’m unbelievably excited by how a Birds of Prey movie is finally coming to fruition, I’m simultaneously miffed at how Barbara Gordon has been entirely excluded. No matter if she’s working under the aliases of either “Oracle” or “Batgirl,” I consider her to be the heroine most synonymous with that team. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with Harley Quinn being in the picture, but it would’ve been possible for her and Babs to coexist.

Then again, Warner Bros. may believe that Ms. Gordon’s introduction warrants a standalone movie of her own, a “Batgirl Begins,” if you will. If that’s the case, I certainly won’t mind a second helping of vigilante justice on the streets of Gotham – but that’s if the studio can make it happen within the foreseeable future.

Fortunately, Christina Hodson’s been tasked with writing the screenplays for both Birds of Prey and Batgirl, so maybe there’ll be some measure of connectivity. In fact, she’s already been chatting with press about both projects lately, even teasing the latter when asked by Comic Book Movie about how the script’s coming along, in addition to the possibility of one Hailee Steinfeld playing Barbara.

“Again, above my paygrade. *laughs* Not something I can speak to. But, yeah, I’m loving writing it, I can say that, it’s a total joy to work on. I love the character. And everyday I’m finding new things to love and get excited about.”

As you can see, Hodson’s sworn to secrecy, but the story is obviously developing. Furthermore, it’s nice hearing she has a love for the character to be featured. More often than not, Hollywood just appoints hired guns to these types of projects, so we can only hope this translates to something chock full of passion.

For more on what the future holds for Batgirl in particular, it’s encouraged that you keep watching this space. Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), meanwhile, arrives in theaters on February 7th, 2020.