Batman Keeps Aquaman’s Trident Warm In New Justice League BTS Photo


Despite having stepped down from his directorial duties during post-production on Justice League, Zack Snyder has still been given sole credit in that regard. Sure, Joss Whedon probably made some significant contributions in the time since, but we’ve been told that Snyder’s vision remains intact.

Speaking of which, he’s been playing his part when it comes to making sure fans stay hyped for the silver screen debut of DC’s premier superhero team as of late by sharing photos taken during the time of filming. So far, these behind-the-scenes images have been able to give us an intimate glimpse into the process and are probably treasured keepsakes for Snyder himself. Hey, if you were the one who had the chance to make this story a reality, you’d do all you could to preserve those memories, right?

In the latest offering, we see Batman wielding Aquaman’s trident. And since the Dark Knight is decked out in his much talked about battle armor, we’re guessing this scene possibly takes place moments before the League engages Steppenwolf and/or a horde of Parademons in battle. Odds are that a small dialogue exchange is had before Bruce Wayne hands his buddy Arthur Curry his weapon of choice.

Originally captioned with “the photo to rule all photos,” we could see this thing easily getting meme’d within the next few days. Possible phrases such as “Batman holding Aquaman’s trident; your argument is invalid” immediately come to mind, so let’s see if the social media community hops on it.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17.