Here’s How Pierce Brosnan Could Look As Alfred In The Batman

Batman Gotham

With Robert Pattinson now locked in for the title role, fans are wondering who will be joining him in Matt Reeves’ upcoming Dark Knight reboot The BatmanSpeculation is mostly focused on the many villains Bruce is expected to battle in the movie. However, let’s not overlook Master Wayne’s faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth, who’s been in every Batman cinematic outing to date.

Rumors have pointed to Reeves considering former James Bond Pierce Brosnan for the part and if you can’t see that yourself, take a look at this cool digital art from Instagram user who’s dressed up the Irish actor for the part. With the classic butler outfit and hair loss issues, he looks every bit the Alfred we know and love. The fact that he’s presenting a grappling hook is also a nice touch.

Obviously, Alfred is unlikely to don the traditional get-up in The Batman and it’s pretty uncommon for him to be presented as bald on-screen nowadays. However, this piece does give us an idea of how Brosnan could appear as the character. Ever since Michael Caine played Alfred in The Dark Knight trilogy, it’s more common for Alfred to be portrayed as tougher than he used to be (see Sean Pertwee in Gotham). Being a former 007, we’d imagine Brosnan would bring a strong physicality to the part as well.

Funnily enough, the actor could have played Batman himself back in the day. Brosnan’s previously admitted how he was eyed for Tim Burton’s 1989 movie but, with portraying superheroes not being seen as a good career move at the time, he passed on it. So, it’d be a bit ironic if he eventually ended up in The Batman all these years later.