Batman’s Fate In The Flash Movie Reportedly Revealed

Batman v Superman

There’s so much to look forward to in The Flash movie, and one such thing is the return of Ben Affleck’s Batman. Michael Keaton’s big comeback as his Bruce Wayne is grabbing most of the attention, but don’t forget that the Batfleck is involved, too, building on the Dark Knight’s mentor/protégé relationship with Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen that was established in Justice League. It’s currently unclear exactly how he’ll fit into the film, but fans have their theories.

Seeing as we know The Flash will essentially reboot the DCEU, with it being a loose Flashpoint adaptation that’ll see the Scarlet Speedster restart reality, there’s a strong feeling that this will wrap up Affleck’s arc in the franchise and mark the final time he plays the part. In fact, from what we are hearing, there’s definitely a finality about the actor’s role in The Flash, but it’s possible that he could still return in a future project.

According to our sources – the same ones who told us Affleck was in talks for this movie in the first place – the SnyderVerse Batman will indeed die in the film. This seems to corroborate earlier intel from Geekosity, which claimed that the pic will lightly borrow from Crisis on Infinite Earths, too, and Affleck will feature in the “Flash/Supergirl martyr” role. However, we’re also hearing that the star is open to a return after this.

We’ve been told that Affleck isn’t ruling out the idea of donning the cape and cowl once more, even though The Flash will kill him off. As any fan knows, death is never final in the life of a superhero and so there are various ways his Batman could be resurrected. How the studio would go about it, however, remains to be seen.

Also featuring Sasha Calle as Supergirl, The Flash is shooting in the UK now ahead of its arrival in theaters in November 2022.