The Batman May Feature 6 Villains, Including Two Classic Foes


When any film featuring The Batman heads into production, one of the first questions on peoples’ minds is which villain – or villains – will the Dark Knight be facing off against. After all, fans have been fascinated by the evildoers populating Gotham City ever since the TV series starring Adam West first hit our screens during the 1960s. And in the decades that followed, a whole number of filmmakers have put their own stamp on a variety of baddies.

In recent memory, the Penguin has been heavily rumored as the chief antagonist in The Batman, but it’s entirely possible for director Matt Reeves to further mine the rich 80-year history of publication enjoyed by the Caped Crusader. In fact, we’ve heard that Oswald Cobblepot won’t arrive alone to the party, and a new report from THR seems to back that up.

In the latest edition of their Heat Vision newsletter, the outlet states that the film will feature six different villains, two of which will be the aforementioned Penguin and perhaps a bit more surprising, Catwoman. Yes, the two classic characters are said to be involved in the production and though no casting has been mentioned, fans are already starting to put forth their picks.

Now, it should be noted that none of this has been confirmed by Warner Bros. yet. In fact, THR is clear to state that The Batman will have at least two villains (the aforementioned ones) but they’ve also been told by their sources that the current draft of the script has six.

Frankly, that seems like overkill to us and though we’ve heard a few times now that Reeves is interested in packing a number of bad guys into the movie, we’d prefer if he kept it to around 2 or 3. Then again, it’s not like all these villains would serve as primary antagonists, but still.

In any case, this all remains unconfirmed for now, but it’s pretty clear that things are seriously heating up for The Batman and as soon as we learn more, we’ll be sure to let you know.