See Batman Fight Bane In The Dark Knight Rises

With The Dark Knight Rises currently shooting in Pittsburgh, there is a ton of footage leaking out from the set. Everyday we see new pictures and videos and while some of it has been worth checking out, most of it is lame and uninteresting. Recently, we got some great shots of Tom Hardy in his Bane costume and today, we get another photo that’s actually worth posting.

This one depicts the caped crusader himself, taking on Bane in some hand to hand combat. Also if you notice, there’s some fake snow falling around the two characters. We already know that the two are going to square off and in this photo, it looks like Batman has the upper hand.

I mentioned yesterday that Bane really doesn’t look too menacing. He actually looks rather ridiculous in his current costume. I really expected him to be a lot bigger but from what we’ve seen, I think Batman is just about the same size.

Now, I’m sure on film, with the help of some digital tweaking, Bane will look a lot more menacing and likely, a lot bigger. It’s not exactly fair to judge the character just from these photos.

While I’m not sold on Bane’s appearance just from these set pictures, I’m sure he’ll make a better impression in the actual film. There’s no doubt in my mind that Nolan has created a formidable opponent for the caped crusader.

Below is a video from the set of The Dark Knight Rises that is presumably taken during the shooting of the scene above. It doesn’t reveal too much but check it out if you want a quick look at the set.