Batman And The Joker Spotted At George Floyd Protests Over The Weekend


Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there? First COVID-19, now mass civil unrest in the streets in response to the murder of George Floyd. C’mon 2020, cut us a break! Things took an even more surreal turn this past weekend as both Batman and the Joker (well, people dressed as them) were spotted at separate protests.

The Caped Crusader was seen in the Philadelphia protests in a video that quickly went viral. His outfit is an impressively movie-accurate The Dark Knight Rises costume, and the way he’s confidently striding through clouds of tear gas looks a hell of a lot like a scene from that movie.

So, what’s Batman’s opinion on the situation? Well, people on social media have claimed that they spoke to him and it appears that he was only doing this for a chance of creating a cool-looking video. In addition, he doesn’t agree with the protesters. Boo!

But how about Mr. J? Well, he appeared in Minneapolis in a Joker-inspired Arthur Fleck getup, wielding a sign that said “Justice for George.” He revealed himself as  grocery store employee Joseph Pudwill, who was asked why he decided to attend dressed in this manner. Here’s what he said:

“[The Joker] has become a model of social injustice, the recognition of the tragedies that occur, I have fallen in love with this character and I think today it serves to push the message.”

Fair enough. It’s admittedly a little worrying, however, that things have gotten so bad that the Joker is preaching more truth about the situation than Batman is. Though, let’s face it, as a billionaire who works with the police, it kinda makes sense where he stands.

But there’s another masked ‘hero’ that represents the opposing side of this battle very well: Watchmen’s The Comedian. Though the cops aren’t dressed in a domino mask, they’re certainly acting in pretty much the same way as he does during a protest.