The Batman Will Explore The Hero’s More Formative Years

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Slowly but surely, details about Matt Reeves’ upcoming project The Batman are beginning to emerge. Twilight alum Robert Pattinson has now officially been confirmed in the eponymous role and the story won’t have any ties to previous films in the DCEU. While little is currently known about the actual plot, it has been revealed that the movie will explore Bruce Wayne’s formative years as a crimefighter.

This is to be expected, of course, considering that Pattinson’s only 33-years-old. This makes him the second youngest actor to ever put on the Dark Knight’s mask. Academy Award winner Christian Bale was 31 when he started saving Gotham City and many would argue that his performance was the best Batman of all-time. If Pattinson can mirror that execution, then it’s possible he’ll be able to endear himself early on to many skeptical fans.

The decision to cast a young actor as the Caped Crusader means the movie will likely once again delve into the murder of the billionaire’s parents. Even though viewers all know how much of an impact it had on young Bruce Wayne, it often feels like like it’s brought up in nearly every film. Hopefully, Reeves can approach the superhero’s tragic backstory in a fresh, interesting way.

This bit of news is one of the few details that’s emerged from production thus far. Much like the Dark Knight himself, intel on The Batman has been shrouded in secrecy. That, however, hasn’t stopped plenty of rumors from circulating online. The Internet community has already selected who they want to see onscreen alongside Pattinson, for instance, with fan picks including Vanessa Hudgens as Catwoman to Josh Gad as The Penguin.

It remains to be seen if these villains even make an appearance in the movie, but the web campaigns have to at least be putting ideas in executives’ heads. Either way, this under wraps film is drawing quite a lot of buzz two years ahead of its release and we should learn more before The Batman soars into theaters on June 25th, 2021.