New Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Figures Offer Multi-Angle Looks At Wonder Woman And Armored Batman

Batman v Superman 3

As we inch ever closer to the theatrical release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 25, 2016), fans jump on whatever chance they can to get new looks at the film’s characters. And, as with any superhero movie, some of the biggest talking points tend to be the costumes.

Luckily, we live in an age when action figures are so incredibly articulated that they bear an uncanny likeness to the actors who portray the characters on screen. Furthermore, they do a great job at recreating their visually stunning costumes (we have come a long way from the days of spandex) and offer closeup looks from angles that we may not get to see in trailers.

The latest example comes in the form of Medicom’s MAFEX figures for Armored Batman and Wonder Woman as seen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Standing at a height of 6.3 inches with 20 points of articulation, these facsimiles of The Dark Knight and The Amazon Princess look as though they leaped off the silver screen and onto your shelf.

As we can see, Armored Batman looks eerily like Ben Affleck does in said suit that is ripped right from the pages of Frank Miller’s seminal graphic novel, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Sporting a fabric cape and grapnel gun, this highly poseable figure looks like it can recreate any action packed moment from the film in which this armor is used.

As for Wonder Woman, her figure looks so much like Gal Gadot that visitors to your home may be forced to do a double take. She comes with a lasso, sword, and shield, all of which the iconic super heroine may tell you never to leave home without.

Each figure bears a price tag of $48 and are expected to arrive in September of 2016.

Tell us, do these Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice figures catch your eye? Do you plan on adorning your shelves with as much merchandise as you can get your hands on? As always, let us know in the comments section below.