Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Officially Rated PG-13


In news which probably won’t surprise you, the MPAA has officially classified Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice as PG-13. Considering the fact that the movie kicks off next year’s summer blockbuster season early in March, the fact that Warner Bros. want it to reach as many people as possible is obviously easy to understand.

Had Zack Snyder made this film an entirely faithful adaptation of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, an R-Rating wouldn’t have been outside of the realm of possibility for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, it still looks like a very dark and gritty movie – everyone involved with the DC Cinematic Universe keeps using those two words, anyway – which may just redefine the superhero movie genre.


So, why the PG-13 rating for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice? Well, it will contain “intense sequences of violence and action throughout” as well as “some sensuality.”

Sensuality? While that’s not the same as sex scenes, there’s clearly going to be some romance in the movie, likely between Clark Kent and Lois Lane. However, there’s every chance we’ll also see Bruce Wayne getting close with Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. At least, if some of the rumours which have been doing the rounds are to be believed….

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theatres on March 25th, 2016.