Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Rumors Include Doomsday And A Lex Luthor Warsuit


Although Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice isn’t landing in theaters until next year, rumors continue to run rampant surrounding the superhero blockbuster. The latest crop of reports includes confirmation from scoopster Umberto Gonzalez (formerly of Latino Review) that iconic Superman villain Doomsday will play a role in the pic, along with a report from JoBlo’s Paul Shirey that Dawn of Justice will see Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) pose a physical threat to Superman (Henry Cavill) as well as an intellectual one when he suits up in a so-called “Warsuit.”

Let’s tackle those one at a time. Gonzalez, who is launching a standalone site called Heroic Hollywood, recently told the ShanlianOnBatman podcast that the extremely powerful Kryptonian monster Doomsday, who once killed Superman in the comics, appears in the pic. “The muscle,” as Gonzalez refers to him, “looks incredible,” he said.


Additionally, Gonzalez says that the “Do you bleed” scene that has anchored some promos for Dawn of Justice is not an actual build-up to a fight but a dream sequence in the film. That’s got to come as a bit of a disappointment for fans who were anticipating that particular throwdown with bated breath, but there’s sure to be enough spectacle in the movie that it shouldn’t really matter when viewing the finished product.

Meanwhile, over at JoBlo, Shirey reports that Luthor will don the Warsuit, an armor he’s been wearing in the comics for decades, though it’s unclear how long he’ll be inside the armor (which it’s speculated he built from left-over Kryptonian technology including General Zod’s corpse). Shirey corroborates Gonzalez’s scoop that there will be another villain in the movie outside of Luthor, though he couldn’t confirm that it will be Doomsday.

The rumor mill has been churning so tirelessly on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that I’m well past fatigued when it comes to reporting on the film already. But as the pic’s March 2016 release draws closer, there’ll surely be many more stories breaking around this pivotal Warner Bros. blockbuster, and they’ll all be right here at We Got This Covered.