Batman V Superman Director Zack Snyder Addresses Man Of Steel Controversy



While Man of Steel was generally well-received back in 2013, there are two things which a large group of fans have just not stopped talking about. Those are the fact that Superman broke General Zod’s neck and the fact that the battle between the two characters in Metropolis ended up wrecking half the city and killing thousands of innocent civilians.

It’s already been made clear that their destructive fight is going to factor into the DC Films Universe, but in a recent interview with Famous Monsters Of Filmland, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder once again touched on that controversy:

“I stand by it, because for me, I’ve always said when I was working on Watchmen — and maybe it’s sort of left over from a Watchmen philosophical sort of thing — that there should be consequences to superheroes’ interaction with the earth. And that was kind of the way that we approached Man of Steel. I wanted a big consequence to Superman’s arrival on earth. Certainly, Batman v Superman sort of cashes in all its chips on the ‘why’ of that destruction.”

Moving on from Man of Steel, the filmmaker was asked about the challenges of coming up with a story which could realistically pit the Dark Knight against Superman in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice:

“The discovery of the story is that Batman fights Superman. Now move your superhero chess pieces so that can happen. And it can happen in a credible and interesting way. … It’s just incredibly satisfying and fun to dig into these two mythological characters and find a through line that allows them to come into conflict in a way that not only is philosophically satisfying, but also physically real.”

That all sounds great, and Snyder’s remarks on Man of Steel can hopefully bring the moaning to an end once and for all (though it probably won’t in all honesty). Regardless, we’ll see this plot thread picked up on when Batman V Superman hits theaters on March 25th, later this year.

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