Batman V Superman Clip Sees Lex Luthor At His Manipulative Best

Jesse Eisenberg was a guest on Good Morning America earlier today and he brought a brand new clip from Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice with him.

The footage is brief, but it does confirm that Lex Luthor is the one pulling the strings in the battle of the DC icons, as the villain urges (well, commands really) the Man Of Steel (Henry Cavill) to “fly to” the Dark Knight (Ben Affleck) and engage him in battle… to the death.

What could Luthor possibly have over Kal El to even attempt to force him to do his bidding like that? Well, rumor has it that the despicable mastermind goes so far as to kidnap Clark Kent’s mother (Diane Lane) and threatens to end her life if Supes doesn’t carry out his orders. Obviously it remains to be seen if that’s true, but it would certainly explain the clip above.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will be with us on March 25, and you can expect to see quite a bit more (too much?) from the movie before then.