New Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Easter Egg Shows How Obsessed Bruce Wayne Was


It’s coming up to three years since the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and fans are still finding new details that they missed in previous viewings. Zack Snyder’s movie was lambasted upon its arrival in cinemas back in 2016, but since then it’s received a reprisal from a lot of comic book lovers who believe it to be vastly underrated, partly because there’s so much to discover in it.

Take this little detail, for example. DC Film Hub’s John Aaron Garza shared some screenshots of a moment from BVS on Twitter which reveal that Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne has been monitoring the activity of Superman much closer than we’d realized. As you can see in the gallery below, a map of Metropolis he’s viewing on a screen in the Batcave is marked with various ‘S’ emblems denoting where the Man of Steel has saved people.

Garza captioned his Tweet with the following:

I never knew Bruce had ALL heroic activity of Superman in Metropolis, even down to his symbol AND description of the deed. Zoddamn Zack, the details my man. ? Armed Robbery. School Fire. Attempted Robbery. Gas Explosion. Bus Accident. Building Collapse.

BvS explained in its opening scene that Bruce had become convinced that the Last Son of Krypton was not a force for good when it was revealed that he got caught in the devastation of Metropolis at the end of Man of Steel, blaming Supes as much as Zod for the enormous loss of life. Of course, in the end, Batman was able to see that he had more in common with Clark Kent than he realized (like their mother’s name, for instance) and they became firm allies.

In related news, Snyder recently treated fans to a never before seen shot of Affleck in the cape and cowl from the production of BvS, looking suitably brooding and dark. The filmmaker also recently reaffirmed his faith in his leading man, citing Affleck as the perfect Batman. Unfortunately for those who agree with him though, it looks like the actor won’t return to the role, with Matt Reeves’ The Batman probably set to introduce a new version of the Caped Crusader.

At least we can always keep on rewatching Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to find out new things we didn’t spot before.