Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Opens With $27.7 Million


Well, it looks like all those harsh reviews didn’t do much to hurt Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice at the box office. As expected, the film is off to a fantastic start, pulling in $27.7 million during last night’s screenings and setting a record for highest Thursday preview night opening for an Easter weekend.

In terms of overall Thursday preview night openings, it places as the seventh highest, failing to beat out The Dark Knight Rises‘ $30.6 million as well as the $57 million that Star Wars: The Force Awakens madeStill, $27.7 million is an incredible start for the film, especially when taking into consideration how poorly it’s being reviewed.


Given the Thursday opening, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is now on pace to do about $150-$175 million domestically and $300 million worldwide over the weekend. Plus, even though critics are tearing the film apart, fans seem to be enjoying it quite a bit and you can bet that a lot of people will be going to see it twice this weekend. So, Warner Bros. will definitely be happy with the final box office results once they roll in on Monday morning.

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