Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Shoots Gruesome Origin Scene In IMAX

Dawn Of Justice

It’s no secret that comic book fans are some of the most diehard, detail-addicted aficionados of any creative artform. So, in this day and age of practically zero secrecy surrounding movie shoots, why the persistence by said fans in spoiling Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

Now, granted, there’s a hefty bunch of interested parties who have no inclination whatsoever in capturing shaky hand-held footage of a film shoot that they can post online to boost their social (network) status. However, there are an even more determined few whose sole mission this year has been to snag a ton of photos and videos from Zack Snyder’s upcoming superhero caper. Many of which are guaranteed to spoil a significant chunk of the film, including this latest batch of media to hit the web.


Let’s take this massive spoiler straight from the source; a Chicagoan who posted this Tweet last night:

Backing up that development, another fan took to Instagram to post a handful of clips and images depicting that major part of Batman’s origin story. Perhaps the biggest Easter Egg giveaway is the marquee above the theatre, listing The Mark Of Zorro as a headlining feature at the old-school movie house.

For those who aren’t fluent with Bruce Wayne’s backstory (if there are any people left on the planet who don’t know what happened to Battie’s parents, that is), after a trip to the flicks, the Wayne’s decide to scuttle down a back alley where they meet a bloody fate. Yes, poor Brucie watches as his parents are killed. The Zorro reference is a massive nod to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, which cites Zorro as a major influence on Bruce’s crime-fighting lifestyle.


The point of including this flashback origin sequence in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is unclear, as it’s one of the most well-known in all of fictional history. Maybe it will serve as a very brief cutaway, or maybe it will wind up snagging a sizeable chunk of screen time. The biggest query here has got to be; with SO much to establish and introduce before the next title in DC’s slate hits cinemas, do we really need another trip to Batman’s gloomy beginning?