Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice To Feature Two Batmobiles And Armored Batsuit?


For fans of The Caped Crusader, Bruce Wayne’s trusty vehicular companion is an indelible staple within any incarnation of Batman. It’s also one that attracts a lot of attention precisely because, with each passing iteration, the Batmobile is carefully refined to better suit the world it inhabits — be it the gothic-inspired take with Tim Burton’s movie or the brute force of Christopher Nolan’s Tumbler. It is, for all intents and purposes, a character in its own right.

So, with Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice looming on the horizon, fans are understandably tripping over themselves to learn more about the latest model. We’ve seen on-set images and photos that take us up close and personal with the formidable, heavily-armed goliath, but according to sources close to Batman News, the Batmobile we know isn’t the only vehicle in Mr. Wayne’s garage.

The outlet cites Rehan Jalali as the source, a nutritionist and trainer for Ben Affleck, who revealed the following tidbits.

  • Jalali and Affleck talk every day.
  • There are two Batsuits (we’ve seen them both before — he has a traditional Batsuit, and an armored Batsuit like in “The Dark Knight Returns”).
  • The armored suit has Kryptonite all over it, and it can shoot missiles.
  • There are two Batmobiles*.
  • Affleck has a shirtless scene as Bruce Wayne to show off his new physique.
  • The shirtless scene is beautifully shot and shows Affleck overlooking a destroyed city (probably Metropolis?).

Before diving into the minutia of the information, it is worth keeping in mind that this remains unconfirmed. Still, not only is Batman News a dependable source more often than not, but most of these bullet points dovetail with what we already know about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. For instance, the armoured Batsuit is almost a given at this point, and was alluded to in the brief teaser from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

But the fact that this source hints at the suit being laced with Kryptonite and loaded with missiles in the vein of Iron Man takes Affleck’s supercharged armor to a whole new level. Of course, he’ll need all the firepower he can get if he is to go toe to toe with The Last Son of Krypton.

Finally, the two Batmobiles is also an enticing tidbit. The reports from the film’s Detroit set suggested that the production team were filming a night time chase sequence, so could Bruce Wayne’s vehicle be victim to a crash? Or is Jalali suggesting that the second Batmobile is similar to the Bat in The Dark Knight Rises? Also, Jalali and Affleck talk every day? Stop the presses, people!

Anyway, for now, all we know for sure is that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is still a ways away at this early stage, with Zack Snyder’s ensemble piece arriving in theaters on March 25th, 2016.