Was The Man Of Steel Guilty Of Murder In Batman V Superman? Zack Snyder Weighs In


Coming out of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Caped Crusader was held accountable for 21 deaths, most of which occurred during the intense Batmobile chase sequence.

It was a remarkably brave decision from Zack Snyder and Co., who were evidently gunning for a more ruthless incarnation of Gotham’s Dark Knight – mind you, it seems the death of Superman has instilled a new sense of hope in Bats ahead of Justice League.

On the topic of Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel, though, Zack Snyder recently took to Vero to set the record straight on Superman, who was called into question for the scene in which he swoops down to save Lois Lane (Amy Adams) from an African warlord. It takes place around the mid-way point of Dawn of Justice, at a time when Lois is being held at gunpoint. Left with little choice but to unleash his blistering abilities, Clark Kent’s alter-ego flies toward said perpetrator, knocking him through a series of concrete walls. He’s never seen or heard of again, which led many to believe that Superman, much like his on-screen rival, was guilty of murder.

Turns out that’s not the case, as Snyder’s post states that the African warlord is not dead, and no longer a problem.

Even if Superman’s golden rule remains intact, Snyder’s clarification is fairly ominous, and suggests that even if the warlord was left alive in Dawn of Justice, he was likely paralyzed or, at the very least, deeply wounded by the incident. He was only human, for crying out loud!

Perhaps we’re reading too much into things? Either way, Superman has been cleared of all charges, which is just as well considering that Justice League is now looming on the horizon. November 17th is the date for your diaries, when Zack Snyder’s latest DC mega-movie opens day and date with The Punisher.