Batman V Superman Director And Star Respond To Fan Scrutiny/Backlash


Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is still a couple of weeks away from release, but there’s already an air of negativity surrounding the movie. Aside from the usual fan-nitpicking of the trailers and TV spots etc., there have also been several “editorial” pieces from people who haven’t even seen the film yet, but claim to have heard from inside sources that the Man Of Steel follow-up isn’t up to par, and Warner Bros. are not happy.

Some feel this is a targeted smear campaign, while others say that any Zack Snyder DC movie is always going to be divisive anyway and his fans already know what to expect – but what does the director himself think about all of this early backlash?

Here’s what Snyder had to say during an interview with The LA Times:

The tweets, comments, articles, blogs — it’s insanity. I tune it out to the extent that, when it’s really dumb, then we go, “OK, someone stomp this [rumor] because it’s stupid.” But mostly I just go, “Thank God they’re talking about the movie.” The fact that they care enough to get online and either rage or praise — that’s just cool for the culture, for the fans.

A certain amount of vitriol also greeted Ben Affleck when it was announced that he had been cast as our new Batman, so he’s used to taking this sort of thing in his stride. In the same interview,the actor asserts that he’s proud of the film… but that he’s also glad he’s not in Snyder’s position behind the camera.

Nobody tweeted about “Casablanca,” and look at how they did. [Laughs] From directing movies myself, at this point I always feel too enmeshed with it, where I get this panicked sense of like, “Is it good? It’s horrible, right? It’s going to bomb.” But I have a little more sense of remove from this. I feel relaxed and I’m proud of the movie and excited for people to see it. It’s a much nicer feeling. I’m so glad I’m not Zack.

Tell us, has any of this negativity put you off seeing Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, or will you still be first in line when it opens on March 25? Sound off below and let us know.