Snyder Confirms Batman V Superman’s Knightmare Timeline’s Inspired by Injustice


Zack Snyder continues to use Vero as a WMD against Warner Bros. and DC.

Last month, the credited director of Justice League, who’s practically disowned the egregious supergroup feature, published on the social media platform what could be considered his most significant revelation regarding Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice yet.

The Man of Steel helmer posted a cryptic quote to Vero, which referenced the Knightmare Flash (Ezra Miller) vision experienced by Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) in his aforementioned 2016 superhero epic. Although Snyder has yet to clarify what, exactly, the tenebrous passage means, the consensus is that it alludes to an alternate future where Lois Lane has died, (possibly at the hands of the Joker), causing Superman (Henry Cavill), for lack of a better term, to go rogue.

As so many have pointed out, myself included, that plot line is similar to the one explored in the DC Comics video game, Injustice. Well, as it turns out, the fandom was right on the money.

During a makeshift Q&A on Vero, Zack Snyder confirmed that Injustice indeed influenced the Knightmare Flash sequence. In his response to a fan who mentioned that they got an “Injustice vibe” from it, then asked, “is there any arc you planned for that?” Snyder simply stated, “oh yes.”

Unfortunately, the director never got the chance to explore this disastrous future, or did, and Warner Bros. went and trimmed any and all traces. Regardless, while the filmmaker’s commitment to and adoration of the DCEU is admirable, the “what could’ve been” sentiment is getting a little stale.

I mean, what more can Zack or we do to prompt WB to release the damn Snyder cut!?