Will Jaimie Alexander Play Wonder Woman In Batman vs. Superman?


Ready for the latest Batman vs. Superman rumor? Doesn’t matter, because we’re going to tell you it anyways. Though it’s far from confirmed and just pure speculation at this point, people are starting to think that Thor: The Dark World star Jaimie Alexander may be playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming DC/Warner Bros. film.

This all stems from a recent appearance that Alexander made at Stan Lee’s ComiKaze convention. While there, she revealed that she has been talking to both Warner Bros. and DC.

Check out what Forbes’ Mark Hughes Tweeted in regards to Alexander’s comments:

Combine this with the fact that rumors keep popping up about a Wonder Women appearance in Batman vs. Superman and it makes a pretty compelling case for Alexander showing up in the film. Of course, there is one small problem with all of this: Alexander already has a role in both Thor and Thor: The Dark World. Whether this will be an issue or not for the two studios remains to be seen but it would certainly be surprising to see the same actor show up in both the DC and Marvel universe.

Still, considering that she’s been talking to WB/DC, and that she knows about the film’s story (which not many people do), you have to wonder, will Jaimie Alexander be playing Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman?