First Four Batman Movies Heading Back To Theaters This May

Batman Keaton

Batman was my hero growing up, literally and figuratively. I had toys of the Batplane and Batmobile from Batman ’89 and Batman Returns, and I even had the garish, be-finned Batmobile from Batman Forever. The six Batmen I had, all with different costumes, had one thing in common: I gnawed the ears off of them all, due to anxiety…or just being one of those “weird” kids.

Since I was born in 1992 – ancient history to some – I missed the first two films, was too young to see Batman Forever in theaters, and my mother, in her infinite wisdom, did not waste her time taking me to see Batman & Robin. Thanks to Fathom Events though, I’ll finally have a chance to see, on the silver screen, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney take turns telling people that they are, indeed, Batman.

Starting Saturday, May 4th, many AMC theaters are teaming with Fathom Events to screen the Dark Knight’s previous adventures, starting with Keaton’s first time under the cowl. This is all to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s groundbreaking classic, which was one of the first big superhero movies ever, really. It certainly helped pave the way for the current slate of Marvel films.

Speaking of which, it might be fun to take a break from the cosmically mind-blowing finale of Avengers: Endgame by going back to a simpler time, back to when CGI was just a glimmer in George Lucas’ eye, back to when Batman killing people wasn’t all gritty and edgy, it just, you know, kind of happened.

Keep in mind, Fathom Events has not announced official showtimes as of yet, so check back closer to the end of the month to make sure you don’t miss out on Jim Carrey vamping for two hours along side Tommy Lee Jones’ worst acting of all-time. Truth be told, I’m going to go see Batman & Robin because I unironically love it. Don’t ice it out, guys! We probably won’t be getting another Batman movie anytime soon, anyways.

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