Baz Luhrmann Will Direct An Elvis Presley Biopic


I find it a bit odd that we’ve never really seen a proper Elvis Presley biopic. Sure, there’s been some stuff on television, including a decent mini-series starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the titular role, but we’ve never had a feature-length film that’s been solely dedicated to the life of the king. That’s all about to change though, as director Baz Luhrmann is set to helm a biopic about the iconic American singer for Warner Bros., who have the rights to all of his music.

Based on an original script by Fifty Shades of Grey scribe Kelly Marcel, details on the film’s focus are scarce, as we’re not sure if it will stick strictly to a certain period of his life or look at the man as a whole. Either way, it certainly sounds promising and given the lack of Elvis films that are currently on offer, I think that most people will take what they can get.

While the project is still in the earliest stages of development, it’s definitely worth getting excited about. Luhrmann’s flair for over-the-top, stylistic visuals, passion for music and love of all things razzle dazzle, makes him an excellent fit for a film about an artist who truly was larger than life. In fact, I’m shocked that this didn’t come about earlier. After all, it’s a heck of a better idea than the director’s planned remake of Kung Fu, isn’t it?

Source: The Wrap

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