Warren Beatty Wants A Dick Tracy Sequel

Dick Tracy
Warren Beatty as Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy

After surviving a brutal court battle over the rights to Dick Tracy, legendary actor Warren Beatty now may be ready to revisit the colorful comic strip detective story. In a surprise appearance at the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival, where Beatty introduced an opening night showing of his 1990 Dick Tracy, the Shampoo and Bonnie & Clyde star told a cheering crowd that he was at work on a sequel with the intent to get it right.

1990’s Dick Tracy starred Beatty as the legendary comic strip detective along side an all star cast that included Madonna as femme fatale Breathless Mahoney, Al Pacino as crime boss Big Boy Caprice and supporting roles for Dustin Hoffman, Mandy Patinkin, Kathy Bates and Dick Van Dyke.

During his two hour question and answer session at the Hero Complex Film Festival Warren Beatty refused to elaborate on the sequel leaving many questions unanswered including whether he would return to the role of Dick Tracy at age 72 or whether he would direct the sequel as he directed the original.

Warren Beatty hasn’t appeared on the big screen since the colossal flop Town & Country in 2001 and personally, I’d love to see him back in the role.

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