Sometimes Beer Just Isn’t Enough In New Trailer For Kidnapping Mr. Heineken


Who doesn’t love a good kidnapping movie? A bunch of criminal scamps, the blueprint-planning stage, and the final act of their plan unraveling in the shape of the kidnapping itself. From start to finish, there’s tension and drama threaded throughout every step of the story. So, throw in an international icon AND beer and you’re somewhere close to Daniel Alfredson’s upcoming flick, Kidnapping Mr. Heineken.

Based on a true story, the movie follows four childhood friends – played by Sam Worthington, Jim Sturgess, Mark Van Eeuwen and Ryan Kwanten – who in 1983 decide they want out of the rat race. Keen to line their pockets with enough cash to sink the Titanic, they carry out a plot to kidnap one of the world’s wealthiest men, Mr. Freddy Heineken (Anthony Hopkins). If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the man being taken doesn’t just share a name with your favourite Germanic lager – he was the sole heir to the beer company’s empire.

Taking a look over the new trailer, and it’s safe to say the boys’ ploy goes off without a hitch; they successfully snatch Heineken. What follows plays out like a deranged game of cat n’ mouse, with Hopkins’ booze baron mercilessly taunting his captors. They say truth is stranger than fiction, and seeing as this is based on true events, it’s no wonder the ending to this tale could turn out to be very strange, indeed.

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken is released on VOD/iTunes and in theatres on March 6th.

In 1983, a group of childhood friends pulled off the crime of the century: kidnapping one of the richest men in the world, the heir of the Heineken beer empire (Anthony Hopkins). The shocking capture–by gunpoint in broad daylight on the streets of Amsterdam–resulted in the largest ransom ever paid for a kidnapped individual. It was truly the perfect crime…until they got away with it.

Source: The Playlist

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